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Doula Services &
Perinatal Coaching

Christine is a birth and postpartum doula trained by DONA International. While doula services are done in your own home or at your birthing location, please inquire at Elevate to learn more about booking Christine as your doula. Elevate also offers perinatal coaching to help prepare you for birth!

What is a birth doula?
A Doula is a member of your birth team whose main focus is to support you: the birthing person. Your doctor or midwife may be attending to multiple births, your delivery nurse may need to end her shift, your partner may feel unwell or need a break - but your Doula is there to provide continuous support.  Your Doula's main focus is how to make you more comfortable and to help you in having the best birth possible - even if unexpected situations arise.  Your Doula knows your birth plan, and what is important to you in birth.  They can advocate for you, help you ask questions, and facilitate communication between you and your care provider. Doulas to do not replace Childbirth Education, but they do have extensive knowledge of childbirth, and can help you with comfort measures such as changing positions, encouraging words, or setting up a safe space with soothing lighting and supportive music. 

What is a postpartum doula?
A Postpartum Doula's entire job is to support you and your growing family.  Think of your postpartum doula similar to an in-home caregiver - one who is highly educated in the areas of birth and lactation. Whether your birth was uncomplicated, or if it required more medical intervention and caused more emotional stress, having a postpartum doula can ease your transition to newborn-parenthood after
birth. Postpartum doulas are qualified to offer basic non-medical assistance with all the changes your body goes through after giving birth.  They can support you with comfort measures for your pelvic area as well as during lactation. Your postpartum doula can also help run things in your home by planning and preparing meals, doing laundry, cleaning up, entertaining older children, and more... all while you are doing what you're meant to do during this special time - resting and bonding with your beautiful new baby.

Don’t want to have a doula? Elevate offers Perinatal Coaching!
Even if you don’t want to have a doula present at your birth or in your home after birth, you may still have questions or fears about birth that your doctor can’t help you with. In a perinatal coaching session with Christine at Elevate, you can get all those questions answered and more! You can schedule one session, or as many sessions as you would like before and/or after birth to discuss your birth plan, your postpartum plan, and any questions or concerns you may have - Christine will
provide coaching, resources, and emotional support so that you feel confident and prepared for birth and parenthood. 

90-minute session  $130

The text written above is from Christine S.

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