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Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Each session at Elevate is designed to relax the body and provide therapeutic benefits. One way to take your experience a step further is to book a Himalayan salt stone massage.


Our stones are 100% pure Himalayan salt, characteristically pink containing 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements. The stones are warmed then applied directly to your skin. This type of massage integrates Eastern medicine practices, Swedish massage, heat therapy, and salt to create a rejuvenating and healing experience.

  • Exfoliate and nourish the skin gently, leaving you soft and smooth

  • Soothe away stress and tension

  • Reduce inflammation, relieving pain from muscle and joints

  • Generate negative ions to enhance deep relaxation 

  • Balance the central nervous system, leaving your mind energized & peaceful

  • Promote deep sleep, helping reduce insomnia

60-minute session  $80

90-minute session $130

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