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Stretch Therapy

Say goodbye to lingering pain, stiffness and reduced mobility with customized Stretch Therapy techniques from our experienced therapist. With just one session, you can experience reduced pain and tension while improving overall flexibility, alleviating pinched nerves, recovering from injuries or stress, preventing future damage, or just providing general maintenance for optimal wellness.

Discover what your body is cable of by investing in professional Stretch Therapy at Elevate. During a typical session, our therapist will move and stretch out your body with the aim to elongating the muscles and stretching out the facia to fix any distortions and make the body work properly again without pain. 

Elevate's method combines elements of Active Isolated Stretching, Passive Stretching and PNF Stretching, depending on each client’s individual needs. Each session is custom to the needs of the client on the day that they receive their treatment.

stretch therapy
  • Increase Range of Motion & Flexibility 

  • Improve Sports Performance

  • Reduce Muscle & Joint Pain 

  • Improve Posture 

  • Increase Circulation 

  • Reduce Stress 

  • Restore flexibility & Balance 

  • Protect Against Injury  

30-minute session  $40

60-minute session  $70

Note: Please come dressed in comfortable clothing for stretching.

If you are currently in Physical Therapy, Elevate Stretch Therapy is not a replacement for Physical Therapy. Please ask your DPT if you would like additional Stretch Therapy. At Elevate, we do not diagnose injuries. See your doctor for a recent injury and get approval. 

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